The Very Chic Airport Hotel in Paris - CitizenM Paris CDG Review

We lived in Paris for years, and nowadays still travel through Paris regularly when we see our family and friends in France. Before we had kids, traveling to the airport to check in at 6AM had never been a problem. Now with two toddlers in tow, we’d much rather spend the night before at an airport hotel. This is a gem of an airport hotel we’ve found. It’s modern and chic, you feel that you’re in a design boutique hotel somewhere downtown rather than in an airport.

Welcome to citizenM Paris CDG! Not only is it one of my favorite hotels in the Paris airport, it’s also one of my favorite hotel concepts in the world. Staying at this hotel gives us something to look forward to on that long trek from the Loire Valley to CDG by train. This is a design boutique hotel that’s a great bargain for Paris. At under 100 Euro per night, the quality/price ratio is hard to beat. The aesthetics of the hotel are highly appealing yet functional.



The location is perfect. It's inside the airport compound. It's a stone throw away from Terminal 3 (short RER train ride to Paris), and an easy shuttle ride (CDGVAL) from Terminals 1 and 2 (TGV train station). To travel between the hotel and Paris city center, if you don't want to take the RER train, you can easily get a cab or Uber.



The Reception is a self-service computer island, an increasingly popular trend in hotels. You book the room directly on the website (make sure you sign up to be a “citizen” for a small discount). When you arrive to check-in, simply look up your reservation by name or credit card, and then proceed to prepare your own room key cards. The room key card is thoughtfully designed, it has a slot on one side so it doubles as a luggage tag with the provided plastic cord. Nice branding touch.


Living Room

There’s a big lobby/living room area with lots of enclosed lounging corners, table and chair corners, coffee tables and beautiful coffee table books, plus shelves that are filled with travel-themed curiosity objects. I can easily spend a few hours just in the lobby browsing the shelves. The space is designed to facilitate conversations with fellow hotel guests, so don’t be surprised to get into a lively debate about where to find the best macaron in Paris.


Canteen and Bar

There’s a 24/7 canteen that offers lovely treats for the wearied travellers to recharge. During our recent stay, I probably ordered 2 tiramisus and 3 raspberry panna cottas within a 12 hour time frame. The bar in the canteen offers not only your regular fixes, some delicious cocktails made with real fruit, it also has a juice bar for the kids and the health-conscious. Great place to get hydrated before or after a long flight.



For an airport hotel, the size of the rooms is quite decent. We’ve stayed in two different types of room on separate occasions: a smaller room with a king-sized bed spanning the whole width of the room, and a larger room with a king bed in the middle of the room. Both worked out fine for us, in the smaller room you can store the luggages in the giant drawer under the bed, and in the larger room there’s definitely room to keep many luggages around. As for sleeping arrangements, we usually have one child sleep between us on the king bed, and the other in our traveller crib next to the bed. The hotel limits 2 adults per room when you book, but they told us that as long as we brought our own cribs it would not be a problem. Inside the room everything is controlled by a tablet, you can have quite a lot of fun with the mood lighting and music. We had thrown ourselves a mini party dancing with the kids with the “party” preset mode.

Source: citizenM hotel

Source: citizenM hotel



The bathroom displays an efficient use of space. The pull-away curtain deliniates the shower area. However, after a rain shower with kids, the bathroom can get rather wet, so be careful not to slip. Another nice touch is the AM/PM shampoo and shower gel choice: the AM is invigorating, the PM is soothing and relaxing. Very thoughtful for travelers that fly in and out at different times.


Finally, they have free wi-fi and free movies. There isn’t a gym or pool, but for a night’s stay at the airport, it doesn’t get much better than this. We highly recommend staying at citizenM Paris CDG  for your next trip to Paris!


Stay Chic and Travel On,

Melody xx