Going Fishing in Denim Shorts


Happy Friday! Remember when we went fishing? Well, now that Travel Chic Dad's garnered up a whole line of fishing supplies (we did spend a whole day visiting all the fishing supply stores around), including crab-fishing cages, I guess we'll be going fishing every weekend. 

In the meantime, I'm happy to go to the local lake for short and sweet fishing trips. The weather's getting warmer, we can dress light even in the evenings. This is the kind of outfit for impromptu fishing trips in the summer. These pieces are closet staples to have in the travel-anywhere capsule wardrobe. More on this topic soon.

White linen short-sleeve t-shirts never go out of style, same with utilitarian denim shorts. Personally I don't think cut-off denim shorts look flattering on ladies over 25, so I'd go for folded/cuffed hems. Hey, if I change my mind one day, I can always cut off the hem to repurpose it. (read: for my daughter!) A collapsible Panama or Rancher hat would be easy to pack for traveling, and can be very helpful when the evening sun comes at you at a 30 degree angle. Sunglasses serve that purpose, too, but let's be honest, they're mostly there for the style once you've got the hat. Tan lace-up sandals? They make most legs look longer, don't they? Not that the fish will care, but we sorta do.

Have a happy weekend, maybe you'd be going fishing, too? I need to read about fishing first...


Packable Panama Hat (packable | gold accent splurge | gold accent save) // Full-coverage Sunglasses (similar splurge | similar save ) // White Linen T-Shirt (similar style | similar cut) // Denim Shorts (similar high-rise | similar darker) // Tan Lace-Up Sandals (similar)


Stay Chic and Go Fishing,

Melody xx